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Living out every single day and be brave to show off your own true colors

Our story

Life is short, so! make it fun. Anyway, who we are?

We are four in one heart, with the last $76, we started!

As part of our vision for something different, my wife handmade a hat for his business in South Dakota at the time, which sparked an idea. Our first products were created with a utility knife, some scrap leather, and a hand forged iron brand. Roughly stitched and slightly crooked, they functioned to represent our home state in an original way.

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What we are doing?

Our exclusive styles are carefully curated with your needs in mind. DasPill designs and buys sophisticated, chic and modern styles you'll love. Our great team now use superior materials and high-end finishes to make your DasPill a true example of affordable luxury.

Whenever you shop with us, you're guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience! If there is any way we can improve! Please let us know. 

Our Vision

It became clear to us when we started DasPill that we wanted to do more than just sell hats. Because of this, we have strived to create a brand that our customers trust and love, but one that also gives back to our team, our patrons, and our community as well. By getting more support for DasPill, we can do a lot more.

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Our Values!


Good People

We are empathetic, fair, and gracious to each other, and promote positive action in everything we do.

We are Forthright

The key to moving forward is honesty, directness, and open communication. To help us all learn and grow, we're direct, but with a heart.
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Continually evolving

Our ideas must be tested, refined, and proven quickly if we want to innovate, so we must make mistakes so that we can learn from them.

We are a community

Customers have written and emailed us since day one telling us how DasPill has given them strength, simple wisdom, or a much-needed laugh. Today, we celebrate this ever-growing community and all that makes them feel happy.


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